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Mission: Every person has its right to live a humanely life, to experience basic needs and be treated worthily. Medicines For All (MFA) has the mission to fight against diseases, famine, suffering, ignorance and rejection. Medicines For All (MFA) helps the population to get independent. Medicines For All (MFA) has the mission to normalize the situation in countries and to help and support them to get autonomous and independent.

We like to promote an autonomous and independent African society. For this reasons Medicines For All (MFA) put his professionalism and its competences in the service of the deserving poor. Because residents haven’t a chance to survive in their own country, many of those poor people start into a dangerous journey towards the best developed countries.

Possibilities of education, lasting development and exchanges like help to self-help are also part of our humanitarian mission. With that Medicines For All (MFA) helps to keep residents in their own country.

We make approachable to the most divesting of this world, achieve equipments and the absolutely vital products for their survival, their health and their education as it is recorded in the fundamental rights of human.


Vision: It's important for Medicaments For All to invest in long term projetcs. It should be a durable and long time development. All engagement is taking place under the circumstances of the population in the country. The vision of MFA is to support impartial and ethically between continents.

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