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Any equipment that can help us has accomplished our ideals.

Equipments for example:

  • dressing material

  • medicines according the official WHO List

  • vaccines

  • school material f.e. tables, chairs, black board etc.

  • agricultural products

  • transport material like trucks etc.

  • logistic material like package, transport etc.

  • communication Products like IT, Phone Material etc.

Please understand that MFA is able to taking serviceable and intact products who are helpful for the people we are supporting.

We respect all human-rights and human-dignity in every case. Thank you.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and clarification what kind of charitable donations we also could use.

Of course your donation is highly appreciated and from the hand over to Medicines For All (MFA), the Organization is taking over the whole responsibility of the products and its deployment.

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