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Medicines for all (MFA) believes in a better situation especially for the 3th world residents. We hardly fight for a better world. 


Its wish  is that every human being can participate on the worlds construction. A peaceful  culture and a solidly leaving together this helps to be opened for everyone. For example MFA is working on human right topics. Furthermore its supporting the local peace, is encouraging peace negotiation because of its work and acceptance. It fits into MFA ethical ideas to support or create new innovative and active projects to improve the world. Every idea is very welcome. It does not fit into the ethical illusions to support bankrupt states financially.

MFA represents the approach that real human moral values not only consist of material goods. Rather attributes such as humanity, good reaction, and an open together and for each other.

The only important things in live are the footprints of love, which we leave behind when we have to go. (anonymous).

You can only see with you heart, real luck can not been seen with your eyes. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 1900 - 1944)

 Thank you very much for your interest in our activities, our morals and our ideologies. We wish you a pleasant stay on our webpage. Your MFA.


Medicines For All (MFA) organize projects which have a direct or indirect impact of the increase of living standard of the poor population in the whole world.

Medicines For All (MFA) provides solutions to realize rudimental needs such as health, nutrition, education, living and working for the poorest, vulnerable population.

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