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Medicines For All 

Various very personal experiments acquired in several regions of Africa were the foundation stone to build the Organization Medicines For All (MFA) in 1993.

Medicines For All (MFA) supports the population which suffers of war, famine, diseases and other ecological disasters. The organization is not interested in race, politics, religion or other personal interests.

Medicines For All (MFA) is a "NGO” which means a non governmental Organization. As well a non-profit making Organization. She only works on the basis of voluntary work.

Medicines For All (MFA) is an Organization with the government status of acknowledged of public utility. All charitable donations could be withdrawn from taxes.

She knows peculiarities and African needs perfectly. Medicines For All (MFA) organizes her humanitarian help and all coordination from her Headquarter in Valais (Switzerland).

Medical equipments, medicaments, vaccines and products of first emergency serve us especially for restricting or even prevent infectious diseases.

It's important for Medicines For All (MFA) to invest in long term projects. It should be a durable and long time development. All engagement is taking place under the circumstances of the population in the country.

The vision of Medicines For All (MFA) is to support impartial and ethically guidelines between continents.

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